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General Contractor Minnetonka

Specializing in quality, experienced, and professional general contracting services.

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General Contractor Minnetonka

General contractors specialize in a wide range of construction services, such as renovations, remodeling, and build-outs for residential and commercial buildings. As general contractor Minnetonka, Brewer Built takes the responsibility of overseeing all your construction projects from the start till completion. This includes providing the necessary materials, equipment, labor, and other miscellaneous services required to complete the project.

At Brewer Built LLC, our mission is guided by our customers’ vision. We are ready and prepared to turn our clients’ dreams into reality. As your general contractor, we partner with other teams to ensure that your construction project in the lake area comes into life in a safe, creative, and affordable way possible.

What do General Contractors Do?

General contractors have varying roles and responsibilities depending on the task at hand. Contractors assume different roles during various stages of the construction project.

These roles include:

1.  Project Planning

All construction projects, including renovation and remodeling projects, have a schedule that highlights the activities, allocated budget, and deadlines that should be followed. General contractors should ensure that the master schedule is followed to avoid hefty penalties.

Delays in construction projects are only acceptable if the delay was caused by external factors beyond the general contractor’s control, such as harsh weather conditions.

2.  Project Management

To complete the project within the stipulated time, management activities of general contractors include;

  • Ensuring the project is well funded.
  • Purchasing the necessary materials and ensuring they are delivered on site timely to avoid project delays
  • Buying or renting relevant construction equipment
  • Hiring subcontractors to work on specific sub-projects
  • Generate progress reports to validate intermediate payments
  • Facilitate staffing needs – ensuring that there are enough employees with the right technical expertise

3.  Legal and Regulatory Issues

General contractors should also sort out various legal and regulatory issues that affect construction. This includes acquiring the relevant permits and licenses, paying applicable fees and taxes, and ensuring that the project adheres to the local building codes.

4.  Health and Safety Issues

General contractors should guarantee employee health and safety at the site. They should implement the necessary procedures and raise safety awareness among employees working on the project. They are also responsible for proper equipment operation to mitigate accidents and property damage.

Ideally, general contractors are responsible for planning, executing, and supervising a construction project. General contractors can hire subcontractors to handle specific tasks, such as HVAC units, plumbing, and electrical installations. If you need a general contractor Minnetonka, contact Brewer Built LLC.

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Why Choose Us?

At Brewer Built, we take pride in ensuring that our clients in the lake area, including Long Lake, Orono, Edina, and Wayzata, achieve their dream projects. If you have an architect and the drawings have been approved, we are the right people to get the job done. We deliver exceptional projects without stressing our clients.

With more than 20 years in the construction industry, our team has gathered all the experience required to handle various construction projects. At Brewer Built, we prioritize customer demands and understand the value of your time. We will work with you from the beginning to the end to achieve timely completion.

Contact Brewer Built today if you need quality, experienced, and professional general contracting services.

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