Pool Deck Furniture Ideas

According to the AIA (American Institute of Architects), outdoor spaces are currently homeowners’ most preferred special-function rooms. Modern outdoor spaces are gradually becoming an extension of indoor environments. These include fireplaces, decks, gourmet kitchens, hot tubs, and pools. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t maximize the value of these spaces because of poor layouts and furnishing ideas.

That said, if your outdoor living space has a pool, investing in the right pool deck furniture is the best way to complement it. Below are simple pool deck furniture ideas you should consider:

1. Wicker Chaise Lounge Chairs

Wicker chaise lounge chairs are certainly the most preferred simple yet modern pool furniture. Typical pool deck chairs have evolved from the old tilting metal chairs that you could easily slip through straps. Modern pool deck décors have smart options that are durable, comfortable, and easy to use.

If you own a home in Tampa, Houston, Orlando, or other areas with more than 200 sunny days annually, you are likely to spend most of your time outdoors. Investing in wicker chaise lounge chairs for your pool deck will make a difference. These chairs are long, angled back seats that support the entire body. You can comfortably sit by the poolside while reading a book or enjoying a glass of wine.

If these are your preferred pool deck furniture, consider the following:

  • Look for adjustable chaise lounge chairs. You can change angles for better comfort and maximum support.
  • Chaise chairs are close to the ground, making them perfect for individuals with mobility issues.
  • Consider the armrest of these chairs. You should choose upholstered arms for better comfort.
  • Armless chaise lounges are best for those looking for small pool deck furniture ideas because they aren’t confining.

Chaise lounges are generally best for relaxing. You can nap, sunbathe, or contemplate life.

pool deck furniture ideas

2. Incorporate Modular Furniture

If you have completely adapted to outdoor seating, you should consider purchasing modular furniture for your pool deck. This modern furniture set can join to form long couches or break apart into individual seats and tables. You can also reconfigure the lounge into a daybed, chaise lounge, or small paired seats around the pool. Its versatility, durability, and plush cushioning make it ideal for outdoor settings.

3. Consider Dining or Bistro Sets

As more homeowners embrace outdoor living, poolside barbecues are becoming a norm. If you like inviting friends for outdoor barbecues, you should consider investing in a poolside dining table. You can lay out the entire bistro sets for extensive dining or set up a romantic night of wine with the two-person dining set.

Apart from functionality, the bistro set is a perfect focal point that balances your outdoor appearance. You can gather guests around the pool to catch up as they enjoy the sight. However, you should find proper positioning for the dining and bistro set. For instance, chairs should allow plenty of room for movement. Check out our budget-friendly backyard deck ideas if you’re still confused.

4. Fire Pit Table and Chairs

A fire pit next to the calming pool makes a perfect spot for summer evenings. You can lounge longer into the night as you enjoy the radiant heat of propane fire from the middle of a fire pit table. This simple coffee table transforms into a warm fire pit fueled by a propane tank under the table.

The chairs contain rust-resistant finishing with UV and water-resistant cushions. Interestingly, some fire pit tables convert into a grill or barbecues. Filling it with ice also makes it cooler, which is handy during hot summer days.

5. Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas are the best choice for homeowners looking for pool deck furniture that provides shade. These umbrellas can help you extend your outdoor stays even when the sun is scorching. Consider the following when choosing a patio umbrella for your pool deck:

Sizing options – you shouldn’t buy a small or large patio umbrella for your pool deck. Ideally, it should have two feet more than the table width.

Material make – most patio umbrellas are made from olefin and acrylic. While they are expensive, acrylic umbrellas are sturdier and resist fading.

Color – ensure that your color choice matches your outdoor décor.


Apart from making pool deck furniture considerations, you should also learn about pool deck furniture layout ideas from an experienced deck building contractor. Ensure that your furniture layout allows for free flow of movement and maximizes safety. There should be enough space between the chaise lounge, poolside table, or any other pool deck furniture and the pool’s edge. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about pool deck furniture ideas.

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