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Outdoor Screen Room Ideas: What You Should Know

One way to get more space in your home is to add an outdoor screen room. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without having to face some of the common open area problems like the elements and insects.

With advancements in technology and new furniture designs popping up daily, you cannot miss something that suits your tastes and preferences when looking at outdoor screen room ideas. For instance, things like TVs, comfy seats, and fire features, can help to make it the best part of your home.

A Look at Outdoor Screen Room Ideas

Use Your Existing Patio or Porch

If you are a homeowner with a porch or patio, you should try to see if you can build your outdoor screen room on top of these areas. They will provide the platform you need to create more space on your property without having to tear up the ground. You will also save money on the structural base and flooring of your upcoming outdoor screen room.

Ceiling Height

The ceiling height is an element that you may not necessarily have complete control over, depending on how your house is built. Nonetheless, having a high ceiling for your outdoor screen room is always a good idea. This is because it will influence its look and the amount of space you have. Remember, even a tiny outdoor screen room will seem more spacious with a high ceiling.


Light, particularly natural light, is essential to any space. Therefore, regardless of whether you opt for some fashionable ceiling lights, wall sconces, or floor lamps, the key is to ensure that your outdoor screen room has sufficient lighting, both natural and artificial. It will also play a critical role in the ambiance and atmosphere of the room, particularly during nighttime.

outdoor screen room ideas


You can consider some nice removable screens for your outdoor screen room depending on your tastes and preferences. This is doubly important if you have small children and pets since they may help to prevent any tearing of holes in the screens. You could also opt for one or two removal panels to provide easy access to the garden and swimming areas. This will help to ensure that no damage comes to your screens.


Flooring is one of the most critical elements you will have to consider when making your outdoor screen room plans. Fortunately, they come in wide varieties. This means that you can choose whatever option you like, starting hardwood flooring, tile flooring, to reclaimed wood flooring. It all depends on what you are going for. You should also factor in the humidity levels in your area when picking your flooring option, especially during the winter and summer, since they can significantly impact its performance.

Comfortable Seating Furniture

Your outdoor screen room will need comfy furniture like a sofa, lounge chair, or traditional armchairs. The idea is to make the space as inviting as possible to family and friends. If you are working with limited space, you can try padded chairs or wicker furniture.

Fire Place

A fireplace in your outdoor screen room can serve as a striking focal point that lets you and your guests enjoy the space even when it’s chilly. You can go with some natural stone to create that outdoor feel that is still capable of offering a modern and rustic vibe.


Stylish, beautiful, and comfy pillows will make you want to stay longer in your outdoor screen room. You can pick the size and your favorite fabrics when having them made.

In Summary

Outdoor screen room decorating ideas often vary in terms of furniture and embellishments depending on the function of the outdoor area. Therefore, you have to ask yourself whether you want an outdoor screen room for entertaining guests and family or you want a place to relax. Based on your needs, you can utilize different outdoor screen room ideas that will help you achieve your goal, including the ones mentioned above. The key is to have a clear vision of what you want so that you can execute it to the best of your ability and resources. Regardless, you can always reach out to Brewer Built for a quote or advice on your upcoming outdoor screen room.

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