6 Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas That Will Increase Your Home Value

Deck railing plays a mammoth role when it comes to the safety of the household. Thus, it adds to the practicality and usefulness of the deck. Moreover, the option to customize it willingly can change the whole atmosphere of the deck.  Horizontal deck railing ideas are getting great attention these days as they tick all the boxes promptly.

Nowadays, people are looking for modern looks along with aesthetics. As a result, wood and cable railings are getting great hype. Moreover, less maintenance materials like aluminum, PVC, etc, aren’t lagging behind. That’s mostly because they not only require less cleaning but also have the necessary toughness.

This article will look at six of the best ideas for your horizontal deck railings. Whether you are a homeowner or a deck enthusiast, it will have great options for all. Moreover, we will look into the advantages of such railings and some common mistakes to avoid. So, keep reading to learn more.

6 Modern Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas

Decks are becoming more prevalent in modern homes due to their evolving design. And the deck railings not only add to your deck’s safety but also add style to it.

Here, we will look at the 6 best ideas for modern horizontal railing. If you are considering a home renovation, you should consider these ideas. There are things like considering the type of material when choosing your deck railing. Hence, each type of railing requires specific knowledge.

1. Wood Deck Railing Ideas

wood deck railing ideas

Wood railings can be an option if you are looking for aesthetics in your railings. Contemporary developments in wooden railings can transform how your outdoor space looks.

Uncomplicated Wood Railing Ideas

If you don’t want a complex style, you can opt for a minimal design of wooden railings. Such railings might not be sophisticated in structure, but they will add elegance to your outdoor space.

Consider the following ideas:

  • Make sure the color blends seamlessly with the environment.
  • The natural resilience and resistance to rot, decay, and insect damage of hardwoods like cedar, redwood, and mahogany make them ideal for railings.
  • You can make straight lines a part of the railing design to make it more appealing.

Making It More Modern

If you want to add a bit more contemporary flavor, you can consider the following ideas:

  • Try to combine metal and wood to increase the contrast.
  • Consider using panels of glass alongside wood to make it more stunning.
  • Vertical gardens, climbing vines, geometric shapes, etc. can also be considered.

2. Cable Deck Railing Ideas


cable deck railing ideas

Cable deck railings use stainless steel cables instead of traditional balusters or pickets. If you are considering horizontal cable railings for your deck, you will get some benefits, such as-

  • As a result of the slim profile of the cable, the cables are scarcely visible and do not hinder your view.
  • As the material is stainless steel, you can rest assured about the sturdiness of the railings.
  • You won’t need to clean these railings every now and then. Moreover, they won’t require extra painting.

Designs to Consider for Cable Deck Railings

Regarding cable railings, silver posts on an aluminum top rail reflect the outdoor elements and blend smoothly into your surroundings. Composite decking in a similar shade works quite well with this class. You can make the top rail match your desired wood type if you have wood decks. This flexibility to connect any kind of top rail is a feature of cable deck railings.

3. Aluminum Deck Railing Ideas

aluminum deck railing ideas

Aluminum railings can be an excellent choice for horizontal decks, especially because of their benefits. Some of the benefits include- 

  • Easy to install and light.
  • There is no need to consider complex cutting.
  • The powder coating is weather resistant.
  • As the material is aluminum, you won’t need to worry about corrosion.
  • There are numerous color variations to choose from.

All these benefits will surely make you want to choose this type. Moreover, aluminum’s texture and environment-friendly nature will only add to its value. Plus, cleaning such rails will be a piece of cake, as it won’t require any harsh ingredients or rubs.

4. Composite Deck Railing Ideas

composite deck railing ideas

Composite deck railings are well known for their almost ‘ no maintenance’ feature. As they are made of recycled and PVC materials, you can also be confident that they won’t rot that easily. Surprisingly, it will mesmerize you with the look of wood.

Composite deck railings also come in lots of color variations. You won’t need to paint the railings, and besides, it’s also not recommended. Furthermore, the effortless installation process makes this an excellent option for home decor. 

Ideas to Consider

Consider adding adapters to the composite railing with beverage rails when making deck railings with composite materials. Moreover, you can install seats for better fun while you chill alfresco. Besides, if you want a Tudor or Craftsman-style look, then this is the type you need.

5. Vinyl Deck Railing Ideas

Vinyl Deck Railing Ideas

Vinyl deck railings are quite similar to composite ones. The difference is that natural wood is mixed with recyclable plastic to create composite materials, and vinyl railings are entirely synthetic. Many of the benefits of deck railings are the same for both types. As an example, both composite and vinyl railings require little maintenance and last a long time. Vinyl railings allow you to use sleek balusters at a low price.

What Can Be The Best Use of Vinyl Railings?

Such railings can be seen in architecture like

  • Colonial
  • Victorian
  • Cape Cod-style

If you have such structures or plan to make one, go for vinyl railings. Afterward, you can give it whatever shape you want.

6. Glass Railing Ideas

A modern home is sleek and open, with lots of natural light. Utilizing glass railings in your home plan will allow you to include these features. Light flows freely through them, giving a sense of better space and adding a tinge of modern refinement.

Some Tips to Get Better Results

If you have colonial-style architecture, you can use glass railings to make it look more sophisticated. You can also implement the following ideas:

  • Combine wood and glass if you have a rustic interior.
  • Consider combining glass with metal to get a more industrial look.
  • Add colored glass to the railings that match the surrounding area better.
  • Install LED lights with railings to create a lovely and welcoming environment at night.

Advantages of Horizontal Deck Railings

Before you decide to use horizontal deck railings over their vertical cousins, knowing the advantages you will get from this selection is always a great idea. Let’s check them out.

  • Modern and Sleek Aesthetic

From our prior discussion, you can see that the versatility of horizontal deck railings allows you to elevate the aesthetics. The recent developments in railings, especially wooden ones, can change how you see the outdoors.

The ability to use all the different types of conventional and non-conventional materials adds to the contemporary look of your deck. Using materials like glass gives the whole architecture an unmatchable elegance and industrial feel.

  • Unobstructed Views

Compared to vertical deck railings, horizontal deck railings offer a broader view of the surroundings. This is a great thing, especially for homes with stunning outdoor views.

You can effortlessly transition from your bedroom or living space to your outdoor yard. This is something that is greatly missed when you are using vertical deck railings.

  • Enhanced Safety and Security

Contrary to the view from the inside, horizontal railings block the view from the outside. It doesn’t allow for complete vision like its vertical counterpart. Hence, you can maintain your and your loved ones’ privacy. This only adds to overall security.

There can be times when you don’t want someone to come and see what’s happening inside. Having horizontal deck railings ensures that. Moreover, it’s great for balancing, especially for those with disabilities. It gives them something strong to grip firmly.

  • Integration with Landscape Design

You can modify horizontal railings according to your tastes and aptitudes. This allows you to match the surroundings better with adaptable paintings and shapes. Hence, it integrates nicely with the landscape.

3 Common Deck Railing Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

While selecting and constructing deck railings, there are some silly mistakes homeowners tend to make. It’s essential to know these to avoid them smartly. Let’s check three of them 

  • Buying High-Maintenance Materials

It’s always a bad idea to select materials that require frequent maintenance. Natural wood is one such material. If you don’t want the hassle, go for low-maintenance materials like aluminum, composite, or vinyl.

  • Choosing Expensive Materials Over Quality

For an aesthetic look, choosing costly materials for your deck, like natural wood, is not clever. Instead, you should opt for both quality and sustainability. Materials like PVC or vinyl can fit both categories.

  • Installing the Railing at the Wrong Height

Deck railings shouldn’t be too high, which can negatively affect your home’s appearance. 

Check the requirements of the building code of your respective town first. It should have a specific code for railing height. After checking it promptly, go for the construction.

This will help you avoid any potential penalties and even the hassle of going for a rebuild in the future.

Get Advice From Professionals

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